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Rocío Flores-Jimeno, Inmaculada Jimeno-García

Dynamic analysis of different business failure process

Problems and Perspectives in Management

Anna Maltseva

System of dynamic norms as a basis for sustainable development management of territories of innovative development

Journal of Global Entrepreneurship Research (2016) 6:2

Atanaska Filipova-Slancheva

Automatic exchange of tax information: initiation, implementation and guidelines in Bulgarian context

Problems and Perspectives in Management

Nada Mallah Boustani, Zaher El Boustani

Innovation in organizations having founder's syndrome

Problems and Perspectives in Management

Orlando E. Contreras-Pacheco, Cyrlene Claasen

Fuzzy reporting as a way for a company to greenwash: perspectives from the Colombian reality

Problems and Perspectives in Management

Konstantinos Solakis, Jesús C. Peña-Vinces, Jesús Manuel Lopéz-Bonilla

DART model from a customer's perspective: an exploratory study in the hospitality industry of Greece

Problems and Perspectives in Management

Elena Delgadová, Monika Gullerová

Female managers and their characteristics in the Trenčin region, Slovakia

Problems and Perspectives in Management

Adriana Grenčíková, Sergej Vojtovič

Relationship of generations X, Y, Z with new communication technologies

Problems and Perspectives in Management

Nisa Akın, Barış Bostancı, Evrim Mayatürk Akyol

Examining of immigrant entrepreneurship studies in international literature by using social network analysis

Problems and Perspectives in Management

Lenka Veselovská

Factors influencing countries on their path to sustainable development: implications for organizations

Problems and Perspectives in Management

Mohammad Hassan Hassani Shalmani, Heidar Toorani

The application of Bhatt’s knowledge management strategy in the organization of schools with the use of self-organized teams of teachers

Problems and Perspectivesin Management, Volume 14, Issue 3, 2016

Nibedita Saha, Bani Chatterjee, Aleš Gregar, Petr Sáha

The impact of SHRM on sustainable organizational learning and performance development

International Journal of Organizational Leadership 5(2016) 63-75

Ömür Yaşar Saatçioğlu, Didem Özer Çaylan, Emir Ozeren

Profiling innovation research in social sciences citation index (2009 to 2014)

International Journal of Organizational Leadership 5(2016) 40-49

Vajiheh Saadat, Zahra Eskandari

Talent management: The great challenge of leading organizations

International Journal of Organizational Leadership 5(2016) 103-109

Aghdas Nikooravesh, Ashrafolsadat Parpoochi, Amir Hossein Mohammad Davoudi

The impact of team-based learning on knowledge development

International Journal of Organizational Leadership 5(2016) 110-122

Pereira Renato, Omar M. Naguib

Strategic entrepreneurship and dynamic flexibility: Towards an integrative framework

International Journal of Organizational Leadership 5(2016) 307-312


Analysis of environmental costs in the context of achieving sustainable advantage and resource based costing model proposal of reporting environmental costs: Balanced scorecard (BSC)

International Journal of Organizational Leadership 5(2016) 254-269

Burcu Birecikli, Lütfihak Alpkan, Alper Ertürk, Seval Aksoy

Employees’ need for independence, organizational commitment, and turnover intentions: The moderating role of justice perceptions about performance appraisals

International Journal of Organizational Leadership 5(2016) 270-284

Frank J. Cavico, Bahaudin G. Mujtaba, Marissa Samuel

Code words and covert employment discrimination: Legal analysis and consequences for management

International Journal of Organizational Leadership 5(2016) 231-253

Muhammad Asad, Shujahat Haider Hashmi, Saadia Yousaf

Nexus between workers’ remittances, unemployment, labor migration and economic growth in Pakistan

International Journal of Organizational Leadership 5(2016) 360-379

Chee Yoong Liew, Ervina Alfan, Susela Devi

Family firms, expropriation and firm value: Evidence of the role of independent directors’ tenure in Malaysia

International Journal of Organizational Leadership 6(2017) 42-64

Sajid Ali, Shujahat Haider Hashmi, Tahir Mehmood

Corporate diversification and firm performance: An inverted U-shaped hypothesis

International Journal of Organizational Leadership 5(2016) 381-398

Marta Najda-Janoszka

Dynamic Perspective of Value Appropriation

Juraj Fabus, Viktoria Fabusova

Customer Satisfaction with Presentation of the Department of Communication of Zilinska Univerzita v Ziline

Razieh Fayaz, Maryam Azizinia

Current challenges in distribution channels of cultural goods and services

Marketing and Branding Research 3(2016) 75-85

Arta Antonovica, Javier de Esteban Curiel

Sport celebrities multiple use in marketing messages: Example of the Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal

Marketing and Branding Research 3(2016) 179-193

Hanna Karaszewska, Joanna Nieżurawska, Marek Zarębski

Contracting services with medical doctors as a form of employment and remuneration– the polish experience

Management Issues in Healthcare System 1(2016) 17-26

Yahya Waqas, Shujahat Haider Hashmi, Muhammad ImranNazir

Macroeconomic factors and foreign portfolio investment volatility: A case of South Asian countries

Future Business Journal 1 (2015) 65–74

58 articles

Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 230 ( 2016 ) 1-482

Seyed Hamed Hashemy

Explaining human resource empowerment pattern and organizational excellence among employees of emergency of Guilan's University Hospitals

Marta Najda-Janoszka

Dynamic Perspective of Value Appropriation

David Rumeser

Key challenges of system dynamics implementation
in project management

Mir Hamid Reza Torabi

Assessing the Relationship between Teamwork Group-Level Factors and Human Resource Empowerment in the Branches of Keshavarzi Bank of Tehran

Ing. Ľubica Lesáková

Knowledge and Use of the Balanced Scorecard Method in the Businesses in the Slovak Republic

Juraj Fabus

Customer satisfaction with presentation of the Department of Communication of Zilinska univerzita v Ziline

Moslem Alimohammadlou

Evaluating the productivity using Malmquist index based on double frontiers data

Mohammad Namazi

The Effects of Earnings Quality Criteria on the Agency Costs: (Evidence from Tehran Stock Exchange Market)

Aya Shaban

Managing and Leading a Diverse Workforce: One of the Main Challenges in Management

Ghulam Mujtaba Chaudhary

Exchange Rate and Foreign Trade: A Comparative Study of Major South Asian and South-East Asian Countries

Najme Mehdibeigi

Customer Knowledge Management and Organization’s Effectiveness: explaining the mediator role of Organizational Agility

Moslem Alimohammadlou

Relationship between Total Quality Management, knowledge Transfer and knowledge Diffusion in the academic settings

Ján Porvazník

General theory of systems, cybernetics and evaluation of human competence by solving present crisis problems of civilisation

Peter Kolarovszki

The new model of customer segmentation in postal enterprises

Radovan Madleňák

System of management and traceability of logisticitems through new technologies

Reza Khodaee Mahmoodi

Investigating the Effectiveness of E-government Establishment in Government Organizations

Maryam Khoshlahn

The Role of Organizational Agility and Transformational Leadership in Service Recovery Prediction

Marcel Kordos

Transnational corporations in the global world economic environment

Hosna Pakizehkar

The application of integration of Kano's model, AHP technique and QFD matrix in prioritizing the bank's substructions

Christina Arfara

The impact of emotional intelligence on improving team-working: the case of Public Sector (National Centre for Public Administration and Local Government - N.C.P.A.L.G.)

Hamed Shakerian

A framework for the implementation of knowledge management in supply chain management

Amir Hossein Mohammad-Davoudi

Relation between team motivation, enjoyment, and cooperation and learning results in learning area based on team- based learning among students of Tehran University of medical science

Ahmadreza Fazel Anvari

Providing the Applicable Model of Performance Management with Competencies Oriented

Ganna Lytvynchenko

Financial Mechanism as a Part of Programme Management

Yassine Aljayi

Multinational companies’ human resource management practices’ and their organizational culture impact on employees’ loyalty: Case of Japanese multinational company in Morocco

Hooman Khoshnevis

The Motivation System in a Governmental Organization

Vajiheh Saadat

Organizational Learning as a Key Role of Organizational Success

Zuzana Skorková

Competency models in public sector

Noura Yassine

Joint Probability Distribution and the Minimum of a Set of Normalized Random Variables

Pavlína Hejduková

National health systems’ performance: evaluation WHO indicators

Mohammad Pasban

A Review of the Role of Human Capital in the Organization

Gabriela Dubcová

Evaluation of the Functioning System of the Social and Solidarity Economy in Slovakia

Denisa Gajdová

New Challenges of SMEs through Clusters Creation in Slovakia

Nikoletta Németh

Responsible Efficiency – The Strengths of Three ‘Legs’

Sajede Mirmousa

Development of Criteria of Selecting the Supplier by Using the Fuzzy DEMATEL Method

Behnaz Rostamian

The Relation between Social Intelligent and Service Presentation Quality (Case study: Selected Branches of Melat Bank of Isfahan City)

Rybárová Daniela

Analysis of the Construction Industry in the Slovak Republic by Bankruptcy Model

Hamed Shakerian

The implementation of the hybrid model SWOT-TOPSIS by fuzzy approach to evaluate and rank the human resources and business strategies in organizations (case study: road and urban development organization in Yazd)

Seyed Hamed Hashemy

A study on the effect of social capital on brand selection among consumers of SNOWA home appliances in Chaloos city

Aftab Hussain Tabassam

Nexus between Political Instability and Economic Growth in Pakistan

Lilia Dvořáková

Development of Corporate Performance Management in the Context of Customer Satisfaction Measurement

Maliha Baig

Impact of IFRS on Earnings Management: Comparison of Pre-Post IFRS Era in Pakistan

Pejman Ebrahimi

Relationship between Leadership Styles and Organizational Performance by Considering Innovation in Manufacturing Companies of Guilan Province

Shahram Mirzaei Daryani

Management and Organizational Complexity

Petia Slavova

Conditions of Productivity Processes in a Company of Food Industry in Bulgaria

Roya Golmoradi

The effects of Social Capital and Leadership Styles on Organizational Learning

Afagh Arjmandi Nejad

Exploring the dimensions and components of Islamic values influencing the productivity of human resources from the perspective of Mashhad Municipality employees

Gholam Ali Ahmady

Effect of organizational culture on knowledge management based on Denison model

Amir Amini

Prioritization of General Skills of Managers in Impact on Fulfillment of Corporate Social Responsibility from Experts’ Point of View (A Case of Nectar Industry of Urmia City)

Zuzana Gajdošíková

Reengineering of tourism organization structure: The case of Slovakia

Rasoul Danesh GhalichKhani

A Model for Measuring the Direct and Indirect Impact of Business Intelligence on Organizational Agility with Partial Mediatory role of Empowerment (Case Study: Tehran Construction Engineering Organization (TCEO) and ETKA Organization

Ľudmila Mazúchová

Draft of Management Model of Work Motivation in Hotels

Jalil Bagheri

Overlaps between human resources’ strategic planning and strategic management tools in public organizations

Abbas Pakdel

An Investigation of the Difference in the Impact of Demographic Variables on Employees’ Resistance to Organizational Change in Government Organizations of Khorasan Razavi

Sara Javan Amoli

An Investigation on Strategic Management Success Factors In An Educational Complex

Gholam Ali Ahmady

Organizational Structure

Hamid Reza Rezaei Kelidbari

The role of ethical leadership on employee performance in Guilan University of medical sciences

Mir Hamid Reza Torabi

An Investigation of the Impact of Knowledge Management on Human Resource Performance in Management of Keshavarzi Bank Branches in Tehran




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